Gaining Momentum

The weekend was a busy one. The sale of Wildwood had gone through and Mr Green was closing on a place in the north near his children. Herne was moving out of The Old Stables that week.

For someone living in a furnished place, he’d managed to gather a quite few odds and ends. Although who was she to talk.

As they loaded books into boxes, he said. “You know you could always bring your sewing and crafting things down here.”

She smiled at him. “I know, and thank you, but that would mean I’d spend the entire weekend working. Sort of defeats the purpose.”

He said. “True. But don’t be shy about bringing things down.”

She pretended to consider. “Things like curtains, cushions and random bits of furniture to do up?”

He brightened at the last. “That sounds fun.”

“Even more fun if Clio and Thalia get their way and I video all the projects for social media.”

He tipped his head from side to side. “Those home renovation and do-it-yourself clips are pretty popular, why not?”

The weekend was over too soon, again, but Calypso had to admit, she was looking forward to getting into work on Monday. She a wanted to devote time to the event area and recruitment.

That happy thought lasted until she checked the voicemail. Twenty calls over the weekend, all wanting the results of their submission.

Tish heaved a put-upon sigh and printed up another sign. This one reminding people the results would be announced, on the website, in two months, and the successful applicants contacted at that time.

She scowled at the latest visitor’s back as they left. Calypso had a feeling it had been unicorn-sticker-girl. “We should have some sort of extra part to the process, where if they come in and ask for their results and offer, they automatically get kicked off the list.”

She was going to miss those acid remarks when Tish moved up to Level One, but she was still a terrible receptionist. The faster there were people suited to the front desk added to the team, the better. With that in mind, Calypso focused on preparing for the three interviews she had scheduled for the following day.

Shortly after lunch, a man prowled through the door, all black leather and attitude. Tish’s eyes widened. It seemed Dionysus was her type.

He scanned the space, nodded to himself, and sauntered up to the front desk.

He winked at Tish, who blushed, then said to Calypso. “I wondered where you’d fetched up, Pretty. Now what’s this space you’re wanting to play with? I’m guessing it’s not this one, although I might want to use it for showing that new range of Psyche’s. Send me photos.”

Calypso nodded, then stood. “Of course. In fact, I’d like to give you a quick tour of the whole building if you have the time. There are a number of spaces you might find useful.”

He nodded at the roof terrace, shrugged at the boardroom, liked the workspace floors and quirked a wicked brow at the two levels of accommodation. She skipped the first floor ‘just admin offices’ and sent the lift down to the basement level.

Dionysus walked out, looking around the space and humming to himself. His manner changed completely. Gone was the playboy and in his place was a professional.

He glanced back at Calypso. “What plans do you have so far?”

She handed him a printout of her presentation. “Options one and three.”

He spent half an hour walking around the area, making notes on her ideas and muttering. At the end of it, he handed her the notes. “Scan these and send them over. I’ll let you know my thoughts and suggested suppliers and contractors by the end of the week.”

She nodded, took the notes and saw him out of the building.

Tish pounced as soon as she returned to the desk. “Who was he and how do you know such a hot guy?”

Calypso replied. “Dionysus, Head of Events for Z Corp Fashion. I know him because I used to work there.”

She could almost see her credibility ticking up in Tish’s brain.

“If you want a short break, he’s asked me to scan these documents…”

Tish grabbed them and all but ran for the lift. Calypso returned to her study of interview techniques.

She called Circe on her way home. “So, any news on conversations with sexy security man?”

Circe sighed. “He’s not exactly the flirty type is he?”

Calypso replied. “Since I never tried flirting with him, I can’t answer that for certain, but he certainly interacts with the world in a very different way to Odysseus.”

“Hah! There! See? That’s the problem! I’m only used to dealing with oversexed, over-confident assholes. I have no idea how to deal with a decent guy.”

She said. “You deal with Matteo just fine.”

Circe’s pout was audible. “I do not need another brother-figure in my life.”

She added. “How did you manage to hook Herne?”

Calypso was glad Circe couldn’t see the colour of her cheeks. “I think it was more the other way around, he hooked me.”

“Oh that’s really not fair. Can you get him to give Heimdall lessons and a strong hint or something?”

Calypso’s reply was interrupted by a squawk from the other end of the line, followed by Circe sounding agonised. “Apparently Heimdall is really good at sneaking up on people. I’m just going to hang up and die. Talk to you tomorrow.”

The next morning, Tish all but bounced into her chair.

Calypso said. “Not to burst your bubble, but even if one of these applicants works out, they won’t be able to start immediately.”

Tish replied. “With any luck, the parade of idiots will tail off until the actual submission and announcement dates and I’ll be upstairs by then.”

With that, she turned to her computer and focused.

Hel’s voice at her shoulder was amused. “Ganglöt set her up on some certified online courses yesterday. The girl was astounded we would pay money to train her.”

Calypso blew out a breath, but smiled. “She’s going to be deaf and blind to all visitors until they’re done. Hopefully she’s right and we won’t have as many people wanting results today.”

“Make a note of their names if they do. I prefer to know if people can’t follow directions.”

Calypso gulped, and nodded.

She brought Hel up to date on Dionysus’ visit and the upcoming interviews.

“You believe this professional group will be sending the type of candidate I wish to see?”

Calypso replied. “I do, because they’re the type of group that does follow directions. Hera wouldn’t use them otherwise.”

Hel smirked. “True.”

Calypso hesitated, then added. “The men who recommended Tish tried to talk to me as I left the office on Friday. I’m not sure what they wanted, they left when I told them to.”

That made her boss frown. “Unsuitable. I’ll have Heimdall look into them.”

A woman skipped into the building, the hum of conversation at the tables paused, then resumed as eyes tracked her bouncing path to the front desk.

It was unicorn sticker girl again. “Hi, just wanted to check on my submission result, you’ll have it by now yeah?”

Calypso glanced at Hel, who had the brow on the blue-eyed side of her face raised, but remained silent.

She turned back to the girl. “The results will be released in two months, and announced on the website.”

The girl twirled a lock of hair, head on one side. “Oh but you can tell me.”

A calming breath and Calypso said. “I’m afraid I can’t, as I don’t have them. Perhaps I can take your name and send you the results once they’re available.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine, I’ll just pop by tomorrow. You’ll know my one when it gets approved, it’s got kittens and unicorns and mermaids. It’s ever so pretty.”

Hel said to Calypso. “I don’t believe I need a name in this instance, just make a note.”

The girl turned to Hel. “Oh hello. Did you know rosehip oil is awfully good for scarring?”

Hel’s poker face was enough to deflate even unicorn sticker girl. “Yes I did. Results are due out in eight weeks. If you continue to harass my staff, however, I guarantee your submission will be rejected.”

Her exit was more of a pouty stomp than a skip, and was followed by more than one snigger from the audience.

Hel watched her go, then said. “A popular ploy at this point of the process is likely to involve people claiming they have a meeting with me. They don’t. All my meetings for the next two months are elsewhere.”

Calypso nodded, and Hel left the building.

As the doors swished shut, Calypso’s phone pinged with a message from Amy. Maria-Philippa is ecstatic at the idea of someone to fuss over, she’s expecting to see you after work today.

Shortly after lunch, a young woman presented herself at the front desk. She carried herself well despite an obvious case of nerves and introduced herself as Aaliyah.

Calypso smiled encouragingly, and waved a hand in front of Tish, who looked around grumpily.


“Tish, this is Aaliyah, who is here for the reception interview. Can you please pause your course for a moment so I can speak with her?”

Tish blinked, then looked over the counter. “I like your headscarf, where’d you get it?”

Aaliyah flushed. “Thanks, it was a good luck present from my aunt.”

Calypso stood. “Your aunt has an eye for style. I’m Calypso, and as you just heard, I’m the person you’re here to see.”

She paused for a moment, then said. “I’d like you to feel comfortable for this conversation. Would you prefer to go to a meeting room, or grab a table here?”

Aaliyah looked around. “Here would be fine.”

Calypso smiled, and relaxed a little, then led the way to a quiet table against one of the walls.

Aaliyah was bright, motivated, polite, and as people-oriented as Tish wasn’t. Calypso wanted to offer her the job on the spot but held herself back with a promise to be in touch as soon as possible.

The next two candidates were also perfectly suitable, but they lacked the spark Aaliyah had brought to the conversation.

Hel’s timing remained uncannily perfect. She walked into the building two minutes after the final interview had concluded. Calypso caught her eye, and waved.

She paused by the desk, with a questioning tilt to her head.

Calypso said. “The Delphi candidates were all good, I do have a preferred person though. Would you be able to see her in the next few days?”

Hel replied. “Just make the offer. You know what your area needs.”

She’d been half expecting it, but the response still managed to make Calypso a little giddy. Being trusted with decisions like this was new, and more than a little scary.

Tish spoke without moving her eyes from the screen. “I hope it’s the first one, she was cool.”

Hel’s lips quirked. She said nothing though, and headed for the lifts.

Calypso phoned Pythia with the good news. She sounded happy to pass it on, and agreed to work with Ganglöt to finalise the contract and start date.

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