Cards for a Story Outline

So, Pinterest is now inundating me with story-related spreads for Tarot cards. I’m doing one more and then will leave well enough alone unless something truly epic hits my screen.

This week’s effort is a Story Outline Spread:

Story Outline Spread

And here’s the reading…


Card 1 – Hero

Ace of Cups – the aces are about the only cards in the entire deck that don’t feature a person, challenge starts now, I don’t think a bunch of goldfish are the optimal choice for a relatable hero.

An ace can represent potential or a beginning and Cups as a suite is about emotions and feelings. It’s the first stirring of emotion, compassion and intuition. It can also imply the beginning of life, so is the protagonist a baby?

Card 2 – Fatal Flaw

Five of Cups – repentance and loss. The rejection of pleasure, feeling, sorrow and wishing for what might have been.

Reincarnation and regret for a life past? This is getting very deep (and difficult) very quickly.

Card 3 – Want / Need / Goal

Three of Wands – enterprise, but also delay. Take the time to explore, take a long view of situations, express leadership.

I’ve always rather liked this image, I think it shows a yearning for wider horizons. So my main character’s goal is to move beyond their current state and explore the wider world.

Card 4 – Motivation

Eight of Wands – more wands, signifying passion and desires. This one’s about speed and action, the beginning of a journey towards a goal (of exploring the world I guess).

Another interpretation, actually from a different deck, so applied with caution is to adapt and compromise – being like water in taking the form of its container. Rather at odds with the Wands element of fire.

I’m starting to think the motivation is pure confusion.

Card 5 – Plan of Action

Ten of Swords – Not quite sure how ruin can be a plan of action. This card portrays misfortune and rapidly worsening circumstances.

Is this chosen baby creating chaos and desolation in order to get out?

Card 6 – Antagonist

The Star – the only Major Arcana in the whole spread, so this character is potentially stronger, and more important to the story than our hyper-destructive hero baby.

The star signifies hope, faith in the future and inspiration. It’s about finding the serenity within you and giving with generosity. Starting to think our ‘golden child’ hero is actually the villain of the piece. Is the Star out to redeem them, in spite of our Ace’s best efforts? An interesting reversal of the usual way to play.

Card 7 – Reward

Four of Cups – disenchantment is not much of a reward really. I think this reading  is deliberately turning itself backwards. It’s going completely against the goal really, since it’s focused on turning inward and stepping away from the world that has disappointed you.

Card 8 – Consequences

Knight of Cups – following your dreams. Okay, fine, but are they still ruinous?

Card 9 – Outcome

Ace of Wands – and we’re back to an ace, so back to a beginning and potential, but this one’s about fire and foxes, rather than water and fish. This one’s about creativity, excitement and adventure, knowing yourself and stepping forward without fear.

Nope, totally has not worked for me at all. There’s some nice options if the cards had come out in a different order, but reading them as they came. Not an appealing state. Any suggestions on how this lot could be made into something coherent?

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