Fated Ending

Posting early as my mother wanted something to read. 🙂

Two days after she wafted the letter into the nearest post box, a young man jetted into the front office and inspected her across the reception desk. She gave him a politely cool look and asked his business.

“You’d be Calypso then. Hecate said you were a pretty one. You’re going to need more than that now lovely, take my word for it.”

“And you are?”

He gave an impudent grin and a mocking bow, “Why I’m Mercury milady, exclusive courier to the fashion world.”

She swallowed, she’d heard of him and all she’d heard was trouble.

His grin widened, “Now I’m here to issue Your Highness’s official invitation to a meeting with The Fates. Probably best if I stay for your response, they’re already very unhappy with your parents and I’d suggest you want to be right quick in your acceptance if you don’t want the displeasure spilling over to you.”

She took the proffered envelope between two fingers, “Thank you but I will have to consult with my father first.”

“Ohhhh, you are going to be in so much trouble. Wonder if I can get a seat at the event. Well sweetness, it’s been simply charming meeting you and I’ll no doubt be seeing your lovely face in some miserable location as soon as Z finish up on your Dad.”

Calypso tried to hide her worried frown behind a dismissive lift of her nose and inspection of the (blank) appointment diary on the desk in front of her. She had a horrible feeling it hadn’t worked.

As soon as the impudent courier had left, she hurried (gracefully) through to her father’s office and gave him the letter.

He read it, penned an immediate reply, and she was once again sent trotting to the post box.

On her return, she was summoned and given her instructions.

She was to meet with The Fates in a week’s time at their studio. She was to wear head to toe Titan (of course) and be charming, humble, polite and bend over backwards to please them.

The week passed despite Calypso’s best efforts to stall time and, at the appointed hour, she presented herself at the front door of The Fates’ studio. The door was answered by a child, more sprite than human it seemed, and she followed the bouncing figure through to a large, airy room, overwhelmed by a gigantic loom at which three women sat.

The child skipped over to the loom and murmured to the trio, who stopped their work and turned to inspect their visitor.

Calypso remained by the door, mentally reviewing every deportment instruction she’d ever received.

One of the women snorted, “Clearly dressed by her father. Probably takes after him too.”

“From what Mercury said, she’s completely under his thumb, can’t even think without him.”

Calypso bit her tongue, of course she always looked to her father for advice, he was so much older and wiser and he cared about her. His decisions were always so much better than any she could make for herself.

“Hmmm, so with Z Fashion planning what they’re planning, she’s going to have to cope on her own for the first time in her life.”

“And you know, I really do think she is going to be completely on her own for a very long time to come.”

Despite her best efforts to stay calm and unconcerned, Calypso squeaked in combined protest and fear.

One of the women, she was having trouble telling them apart although they seemed to look quite different, sighed, “Child come over and sit down before you fall down. We can see what’s going to happen and what we see for you is difficulty. Your best recourse is to listen, think and learn to rely on yourself, rather than the nearest male.”

Calypso’s confusion deepened.

“You’ve been raised to rely completely on a man. First your father and, when he decides the time and the man is right, a husband. You need to learn to be your own person, not a man’s shadow and to do that, you need to spend time alone. No father, no husband, no doting boyfriend.”

Calypso choked back a sob, “So you want me to be more like my mother.”

“Gods on Olympus no! One Hecate in the world is more than enough. Although it may not hurt you to have coffee with her once in a while. I’ll suggest it next time she’s over.”

Now Calypso was choking back horror, her father would be appalled. He’d never allow it.

The child reappeared, this time with Mercury in tow.

He glanced around the room, “Did I miss the fireworks? Damn. Oh well, got some of my own to deliver, someone had better give her ladyship over there some smelling salts.”

All three Fates rolled their eyes, “Get on with it boy, we’re all having a trying enough day already.”

Mercury drew himself upright and dropped his cheeky persona.”As of midday today, Z Fashion is the official and sole owner of Titan Clothing.”

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