No Punctuation

This is an exercise taken from Ursula Le Guin’s Steering the Craft. To write a piece with no punctuation. It’s a terrifying thing to do, but the result is unexpectedly interesting…

The air is filled with the sounds of people calling to each other and calling to get out of the way and berating those who failed to get out of the way as they weave around the stalls and claims made on pieces of pavement set out with trinkets and temptations for the passersby to buy or at least consider ma’am and so she considers while she tries not to notice the alluring scent of egg waffle beckoning from the tiny shop hiding behind the glorious rainbow of silk dressing gowns embroidered with flowers and dragons that are fireproof as they are real silk see ma’am and they hold a lighter to the corner of a dressing gown and it doesn’t catch fire.

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