An Evening in Narnia

Narnia is a nightclub with an entrance hidden in the back of a wardrobe in a shop. Not sure what kind of shop, but probably needs to be one that’s open late, and where an old wooden wardrobe doesn’t look screamingly out of place.

Bianca led a sceptical Delauney through the charity shop and opened the door of a large wardrobe set against the back wall. It had fur coats in it. She wondered if they were real. Real fur that is, not real coats.

Her friend grabbed her hand and stepped into the wardrobe. She had no choice but to follow. Bianca pushed through the coats, okay, there were several layers of them, maybe this was legit, then pushed on the ‘wall’ at the massively recessed back.

It opened into a fantasy winter forest. Delauney stepped out and stared. It had trees and snow and even an old-fashioned iron lamp post.

Except that under this lamp post was a concierge, not a faun. Bianca flashed her phone screen at them and received two wrist tags in return. As Delauney wrapped hers around one wrist, they wanted through yet another door, this one disguised as scenery between two trees and into the nightclub.

It still somehow managed to be Narnia-ish, with wood and fantasy elements in full cry, but without overwhelming the place. It was cool. The music was loud enough to get her amped up, but not so loud she couldn’t hear Bianca say. “We have VIP passes, let’s do a lap of the main floor, then head upstairs.”

Delauney nodded and they began to circle the dance floor. The evening was young, but the floor was already full, some people in costume, most in their wildest party gear. She wondered if the costumed people were paid, or if it was a ‘thing’. Maybe they got discounted entry or something.

She quirked a brow at Bianca and tilted her head towards a group of dryads giggling with a half-naked statue (he didn’t quite have the abs for it but would be fine in a few pints) and a slightly moth-eaten faun.

Bianca smirked and leaned in close enough to say. “They get their first drink free, but the costume has to be properly Narnian. There’s a whole reference bible at the bar.”

Delauney chuckled. “Fun idea but sounds like way too much hassle. I’ll take out the usual mortgage for the glass of wine.”

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