This is an exercise from Steering the Craft, writing a piece with no punctuation. I’ve done it a couple of times before and the effect is always breathless and chaotic. It’s rather fun!

Delauney plunged down the stairs and into the heaving mass on the dance floor trying to find him from glimpses and hints as he threaded through the pulsing crowd so many bouncing bodies and grabbing hands wanting her to dance with them and grind against each other to the beat of the bass juddering through their veins and she ducked and writhed and desperately cast her eyes around for the familiar figure but the dancers closed in like ocean waves and she was going under when a hard arm wrapped around her waist and she turned desperately hoping he’d come back for her but it wasn’t him and with a grateful smile she plunged back into the shifting currents struggling against them as she fought against the rising misery as well as the people blocking her from the way out from freedom and so she kept on unaware of the tears pouring down her cheeks that caused those who saw to ease out of her way and make her progress a little easier until she was finally ejected on the other side with no sign of the one she chased

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