A Moment in Time

There they were, just the two of them. Away from families and friends and expectations. Just them, just now. No past, probably no future. She put that from her mind. Right now, the most important thing to do was focus and savour this one, perfect moment in time.

She looked up from the eggs she was beating as Sebastian walked back into the kitchen. He stroked a hand down her back as he looked over her shoulder at the bowl of yellow froth.

“Scrambled eggs? I haven’t had a properly home-cooked breakfast in years.”

“Well I’ll treat you here if you promise to take care of lunch.”

“Who’s in charge of dinner then?”

“Team effort, we flip a coin to decide who’s in charge.”

He kissed her cheek. “Cooking is not my strong point. We can flip all you like, it’s going to be you in charge.”

She grinned and turned her head to meet his lips with hers. “I like the sound of that.”

He raised a brow, but smiled as he said. “Kitchen only, I am most definitely in charge elsewhere.”

“Such as?”

“Holiday accommodation, changing lightbulbs, ordering takeaway and running my business.”

Jax laughed. “I have no interest in running your business. Now if you want these eggs cooked before lunch, we need to get on.”

Over eggs, toast, tomatoes and bacon, Sebastian said. “This sounds appalling for someone I’ve spent so much time with over the years but I don’t even know what you’re studying now. I asked your mother but she shrugged me off with some sort of thing about not understanding it.”

Jax rolled her eyes. “She does understand it, sort of, but she wanted me to study something more … home-maker oriented. Instead I’m studying Law and she worries I’m going to scare off all the traditionally-minded men who want a meek little stay-at-home wife.”

“Sounds like exactly the type of people you should aim to scare off. I’m impressed, Law is serious graft. Do you have a particular area of interest?”

She pursed her lips. “Not yet, although I’m seeing advantages in my language abilities when I’m dealing with international law and negotiations.”

He propped his chin on one hand. “Corporate law? I’m stereotyping I’m sure but I had assumed you’d be looking more at the justice system.”

Jax made a face. “I’m not that much of a sucker for punishment. I’d rather set the agreements and systems in place to improve the systems and that’s going to be done either within companies or large international agencies. The idea of doing something with one of the UN groups is probably where I’m heading, but it’s a vague thought that I’m pretty sure will change as I get more information.”

Sebastian nodded thoughtfully. “Sensible.”

He grinned. “But you’re not lawyering this weekend and I’m not businessing, so aside from the very obvious, what would you like to do with our time out from the world?”

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