A sequel of sorts to Unsettling Revelations Part 1 and Part 2.

My Dearest Sebastian

I do apologise for my delay in replying and for the bad news I’m afraid I must convey.

I cannot invite you to town for the winter as we are not there. Well, when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’, as Lord Danbury is most certainly travelling through London regularly. However, as he told you on the morning we said goodbye, I would be removed to the country as soon as a certain event occurred.

And yes, I am expecting. I don’t believe you’ll find that news either interesting, or welcome, but it now consumes my days. Days spent at Ballymore House. He has chosen it, he says, as it’s close enough to Essington to allow visits with Mother (and no doubt oversight of my progress from the Dowager Duchess) but not so close as to encourage excessive socialisation.

I would invite you here, but I’m not sure it would be an improvement on where you are now. It’s quiet, and the staff are near smothering me with attention. I’m sure at least three of them write to my husband to report my health and activities on a daily basis.

Kit won’t be here either. He’s to be the envy of both of us, it seems. He’s become fast friends with young Lord Gresham, son to the heir of the Earl of Snowfell and has been invited to Chadworth for the holidays.

Mother continues well and has been by a number of times to visit. She misses you greatly and has broached the idea of your visit with the Dowager Duchess. Unfortunately, I think our introduction to Her Grace has put you rather firmly in her bad books and I would advise, should you receive an invitation to Essington, to either respectfully decline, or come prepared to be lambasted for your previous behaviour from dawn until dinner. Her Grace is quite a force of nature when she is displeased.

I trust this letter finds you well, other than in need of a reprieve from your surrounds and hope we will be able to find a suitable place and time for visiting next year.

With great affection, your loving sister


Anna finished reading the letter aloud and looked at her smirking husband. “Was that what you had in mind, o tyrannical husband of mine?”

Marcus, Lord Danbury chuckled and replied. “It’s masterful, my love. I will be consulting you on a number of my business letters in the coming weeks. Now make sure to seal it so I can obviously tamper with it, and I’ll have it sent directly.”

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