Positive and Negative

A writing exercise where you alternate positive and negative statements.

Emrys opened his flat’s front door and scanned the interior, nothing disturbed, nothing amiss, he was home.

His eyes narrowed and he pulled the recurve bow from the umbrella stand by the door, notching an arrow, drawing and firing in one movement.

The arrow, fletched with the gift of a moonbird, shot across the room and though the open bedroom door, trailing moondust.

A howl sounded from the other room and a creature erupted from its hiding place beside the wardrobe, charging into the front room with a furious snarl.

Emrys quirked a brow. “Strange place to wait for your host.”

The creature dropped into the shadows behind the sofa. “Too much light in here, your setup isn’t exactly demon-friendly, you know.”

Emrys kept the bow in hand and picked up a new arrow, this one fletched with phoenix feathers. “There’s a reason for that.”

The demon put a hand to its chest. “After all we’ve been through together? I’m hurt.”

He sighed and put the weapon away, then headed for the kitchen. This was going to need alcohol.

The demon drew the sitting room curtains, then perched on a stool at the breakfast bar. “Got any whiskey in there?”

Emrys opened the cupboard. “No.”

His visitor grinned. “Just as well I brought some then.”

He produced a tall, square bottle from who-knew-where and set it on the counter-top with an I-need-a-favour clunk.

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