Breakfast Chat

Michael looked up as David wandered into the kitchen, yawning and scratching his head. “Did you sleep under the bed instead of on it or something?”

David grinned. “Trying to bring myself down to your level, mate, you couldn’t handle my usual glory first thing in the morning.”

Michael poured a coffee and pushed it across the table. “I can very happily live without ever seeing your morning glory.”

David snorted and grabbed the milk from the fridge, adding a generous dollop to the mug and putting it away before sitting down.

“So, mine kind and considerate host, what plans for the day?”

Michael shrugged. “Baby sister needs collecting from the train at two. Other than that, I am at your disposal, mine kind and considerate guest.”

He added. “Although I would suggest getting dressed at some point. You’ll make Mum cold looking at you wandering around in your pyjamas.”

David bit his tongue on the obvious retort. Michael’s mother was a lady to the bone and one of the kindest, sweetest people he’d ever met. “Let me wake up enough to put my legs in the right holes of my jeans and I’ll get right on it.”

Michael grinned and shoved a plate of toast in his direction. “I know you’ll need fortification for the great effort. Load up.”

David grabbed a couple of slices, added them to the plate in front of him and began applying butter and jam. “You’re just trying to fatten me up, so you have half a chance with the new girls at uni next term.”

Michael chuckled at that. “Yeah, you’ve totally hit on my nefarious plan. I’ve completely lost all interest in Amanda and am planning on man-whoring my way through as many avaricious sex-pots as I can attract in the start of our final year.”

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