The clock chimed out. The two watchers on the roof leaned forward to watch.

“There she is, right on time. You’d think they’d do a bit of forward planning. Scarper at half eleven or so. That way they can get at least most of the way home in a half-dignified fashion.”

“Did you spread the glue on the middle step as usual?”

Robin frowned and said. “No, it was your turn this evening.”

Puck sighed. “I traded you for it in turn for greasing the princess’s golden ball, remember.”

Robin grimaced. “Oops. Well I suppose she had a fun night.”

The fleeing figure had reached the bottom of the stairs and paused in confusion, looking at her feet. Both still encased in glass slippers. She glanced back, then grabbed one of her shoes, pulling it off and leaving it carefully on its side on the final step.”

Puck chuckled. “Clever girl.”

She then pulled off the other one, and threw it into the shrubbery.

The two watchers’ jaws dropped. They watched as she disappeared into the night.

Then Robin said. “I like her.”

Puck nodded. “We should do something nice.”

“Like recover the slipper for her?”

Puck rolled his eyes. “How’s that nice? She just deliberately got rid of it. No, let’s grab the slipper, give it to some girl who wants to marry that gormless idiot and then find out what our assignment really wants out of life.”

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