Poor Security

Delauney reached for the figurine, then froze. Someone was coming. Someone in a hurry. She grabbed the statuette and bundled it into the cloth she’d pulled from her bag. Stuffing it away and hoping she’d done enough to protect it, she slid into the shadows by the fireplace.

Just in time, the door to the study crashed open – a figure looming in the light from the hallway.

If they flicked the switch for the overhead light, she was toast.

She crouched and prayed. The light flicked on, then fizzed and went out. Either she was insanely lucky with lightbulbs or someone had rigged the fuse for her.

It wasn’t enough, she’d been seen.

The man charged forward with a roar, heading for the figure by the fireplace.

Good thing she’d moved, he crashed into the life-sized statue of some ancient Roman beauty and went over with a thunder of smashing marble and pottery that would be bound to send more people up to investigate.

She ghosted her way to the window and slipped out onto the ledge, it was raining, of course.

The stone was as slippery as ice and she had a long way to go before a helpful drainpipe could provide a semi-safe path to the ground.

The lights came on, double crap, the ledge was wide enough to keep her in shadow but the drainpipe was lit up like a stage and she had no intention of becoming the star attraction of the show.

It would have to be a slow shuffle to the other side of the building, dodging windows and balconies along the way. She was going to be SO late to Petra’s party.

Below, people in dark clothing ran around, shouting. For a security group, they weren’t very good at security.

She smirked, good thing this lot weren’t part of David’s firm, she’d have been caught in no time. She’d have to have a chat with him about the possible new contract.

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